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Organic rosehip seed and hemp butter for very dry, itchy skin. 


Calms rosacea, revives elasticity and improves skin appearance. 


Rosehip seed is extracted from the seeds of a native rose plant. Rosehip seed is a truly amazing ingredient. 


It contains Vitamin A, which helps to delay the effects of skin ageing, assists with cell regeneration, and promotes collagen and elastin levels to increase. This results in firmer, smoother, and more youthful skin with greater elasticity.



The butter offers an exceptionally easy way to use Rosehip. Easily absorbed by the skin with good traction on application. Rosehip Butter is ideal to use directly on the skin for Stretch Marks and to promote the general elasticity of your skin. Rosehip is one of the most renowned natural oils for the treatment of stretch marks, where the exceptionally high levels of Lineolenic acids and Antioxidants help repair the appearance of Stretch marks on the skin.

Organic Rosehip Seed & Hemp Butter

PriceFrom £12.00
  • Significantly improves the skin’s hydration & elasticity, enhancing the appearance by stimulating collagen while reducing wrinkles & fine
    With Rejuvenating nutrients that work deep into the tissue
    with intense hydrating avocado, Vitamins & Anti-aging ingredient.
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