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  • GlycoClear Peel. A concentration of five botanical extracts & a natural source of 30% Alpha Hydroxy Acids to help promote skin renewal.  A light Moisture Glyco Peel Lotion.Helps remove the upper layers of dead & damaged skin & encourages skin cell regeneration. This peel provides gentle treatment for fine lines, acne, chronic dry skin, and uneven pigmentation. With Papaya Glycerol Extract that unblocks pores & assists the renewal of skin on its top layer.


    • The Wrinkle-Eliminating Ingredient: Alpha Hydroxy Acids

      What It Does: Researchers have pinpointed how AHAs work down to the molecular level. Most importantly from an anti-aging perspective, they operate as powerful exfoliators, breaking the bond between the surface layer of dead skin cells and the fresh skin beneath. “Dead skin builds up and makes our spots look darker, our wrinkles look deeper.

      A AHA concentration of 10 percent is needed to be effective, ours is 30 percent.

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