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A highly concentrated plant based formula of powerfully rejuvenating ingredients.
with a the highest concentration of RETINOL
10% natural vitamin E which hydrates & nourishes.
Very rarely does any other serum or oil contain more than 5% of vitamin E.

With added Marine Algae.

Tests on MARINE ALGAE have showed the capacity to stimulate cellular proliferation which significantly increased collagen synthesis by 19.3% in only 24 hours of applying

Timeless Retinol Night Serum

PriceFrom £9.50

    1.What It Does: It can stimulate collagen production and fade hyperpigmentation. It helps speed skin cells turn over, Preventing the dry, dull look of aged skin

    Within the first week of treatment, changes in the epidermis will make your skin feel softer and smoother.

    Brown spots will start to fade at 4-6 weeks, and wrinkles will start to fade at weeks 8-12, thanks to new collagen in the skin.

    2.The Wrinkle-Eliminating Ingredient: VITAMIN C

    What It Does: Vitamin C does a little bit of everything, boosting collagen, lightening discoloration, and evening skin tone.

    Some studies have shown it can also make skin appear softer and smoother. As an antioxidant, vitamin C can reverse damage from free radicals caused by UV rays, but its powers don’t stop there It also improves the absorption of the anti-aging ingredients.

    However it is advised to use it only at night unless a an SPF 30 is used

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