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Supporting Local Brands in the UK

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In the dog-eat-dog corporate world, small business owners are often at a disadvantage. First, they don't have the same resources or budget to spare for marketing as bigger establishments do. They often rely on their existing customers to refer them to friends and family. But sometimes that's not enough. After all, it's not that easy to go on a head-to-head battle of the brand with big brand names.

This is especially true with the vegan skincare UK industry. Local and small business owners continuously strive to give us organic and eco-friendly products, yet they still aren't getting enough attention.

In order to support their advocacy as well as the local economy, we need to support local brands.

Here are some more reasons why supporting the entrepreneurs in our local community is the best option.

Towns with thriving independent businesses help boost the market value of nearby homes. So buying local helps boost the local economy. Plus, much of the money spent stays local. And the more small shops that open, the more job opportunities are created for everyone in your town, giving the community a chance to prosper. As a result, the locals will no longer need to leave to find jobs in other cities. And as the town's economy grows, the locals will feel more connected to their own town.

Local cafes, bookshops, and craft shops are not just any regular store. They can also be used to host events for children, book groups, and even knitting clubs. They are also a great hangout place for friends. Local shops give space—and sometimes even organise events—for community groups and social enterprise. So if these businesses are not supported, it's not just the business that disappears. Without anyone hosting their events, local groups tend to disappear too.

Local shops are not like big establishments. Not just in size, but also with the products they offer. Big corporations mass-produce the products they sell, which often reduces their sentimental value. On the other hand, you'll find unique twists on traditional items in a local store. You may also be surprised to see entirely new and unique items—unlike everything you've seen before.

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For example, not many big companies offer vegan skincare UK products. But you'll find many local shops selling them. Plus, you may be surprised to learn that the best online bike store is a local business.

Single-use plastic is a global issue. Did you know that a decade ago, approximately eight million tons of plastic trash found their way into the ocean? Can you imagine how much more plastics are in the oceans now? Choosing to buy local can help reduce the use of plastic packaging, as many of these local small business owners are more eco-conscious. That's why many of them opt to use reusable packaging materials instead of plastic. Plus, you can use a reusable bag when shopping, which further reduces the need for plastic.

Additionally, food and products that travel long distances consume a lot of energy and contribute to air pollution. Buying or shopping locally from the local market helps reduce the use of fossil fuels, which helps reduce your environmental impact. And, as a bonus, you get to buy fresh produce.

If you are looking for a conscious vegan skincare brand, then you should support Green Bunny Skincare. We are a family run business that has been providing cruelty-free, organic, vegan skincare UK products for over 35 years. All our products are created with care and passion. Additionally, the formulas we use are handmade to the highest standard of the founder herself, Carol Agnetha Schultze.

When given a choice between two different brands, our first instinct is to choose the more popular one. After all, if it's from a big company, then the products must be of the highest quality, right? Plus, it's also what the 'cool kids' have. We can thank big corporations for this kind of mentality, as they have somehow manipulated us into thinking that everything is about the brand name. But if we take a closer look at the value and quality of these products, we will see an eye-opening revelation.

As shocking as it may sound, less popular brands from local shops may even be better quality than these well-established brands, as more thought is put into creating well-made products. Plus, they are also more environmentally conscious. Most big corporations are more concerned about their income that they forget what's more important—our health and the environment's health.

When you support local businesses, you also support what they stand for—which is to give us affordable, high-quality products that are also eco-friendly. Plus, you are helping create new job opportunities for the locals by boosting your own town's economy.

This content is made possible by the team of vegan marketers at Ardor SEO, who wish to encourage everyone to support local businesses. You can click this link to learn more.

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